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Life Insurance Awareness Month

The mayor of Seneca, Dan Alexander, has proclaimed September 2010 as 'Life Insurance Awareness Month'. September has been declared 'Life Insurance Awareness Month' in an effort to educate the community about the benefits of life insurance so that in the event of a death the family will be spared the economic hardships that accompany this type of tragedy.

Statistics show that three in 10 adult Americans have no life insurance at all and that insured Americans, on average, have only four times their annual income in life insurance coverage. Only 41 percent of Americans have individual life insurance. many Americans rely on insurance provided by their employers, leaving many employees without coverage if they were to lose their job or change jobs. Each year, 550,000 Americans die prematurely . Insufficient life insurance coverage on the part of the insured results in 75 percent of surviving family members having to take measures to meet financial obligation, such as work additional jobs or longer hours, borrow money, withdraw money from savings and investment accounts, and in too many cases, move to smaller, less expensive housing.

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