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Local Hero Saves Life of Teenager

Seneca Police Officer Staff Sergeant Ross Ragsdale saves the life of a young teenager at The El Alazan Mexican Restaurant. The boy came into the restaurant for lunch when started choking. Luckily, A group of Seneca's police officers were there at the time of the incident. Staff Sergeant Ragsdale performed the Heimlich maneuver to save the boy's life and escorted him to the bathroom to ensure he was okay.

Amanda Jo Kalchthaler, the boy's older sister give her take on the story:

"Just a few minutes ago my little brother and I were at Alazan Mexican in Seneca grabbing some lunch before he had to go back to school. All of a sudden he started to turn red, he was choking. By the grace of God a table full of Seneca Police Officers had just sat down not even 5 minutes prior and immediately all jumped to his aid and one grabbed him and started the Heimlich maneuver clearing what was choking him. They then accompanied him to the restroom to make sure he was ok. After I calmed down I tried to buy their lunch but the absolutely refused to let me do so because "that's what we are here for". Y'all are my heros and I don't know what would have happened if y'all were not there. Thank you again so much and thank you for all you do! These officers need some recognition for just saving my little brother can y'all help?" Please share the link! -Amanda Jo Kalchthaler

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