City of Seneca, South CarolinaFriday, January 21, 2022
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Seneca PD Public Relations Event

Seneca PD Public Relations Event

Lt. Casey Bowling and Inv. Mike Teramano organized an event to go out to random areas within the City of Seneca today and pass out popsicles, gun safety information stickers, and junior police badges; this is an event that will carry through the Summer months each Friday in an effort to be visible to our Community, be approachable, and meet our Citizens whom we serve. Council woman Denise Rozman went along with us and visited with the children and assisted; there were approximately 10-12 of us that participated. One of the images attached is actually a shout-out from Facebook from one of the neighbors in an area we visited. So, watch out, the SPD Popsicle caravan may be coming to your community this Summer!!

We had Popsicle Friday the 17th and went to St. Marks, Seneca Baptist, and Cambridge. There was around 50-60 children all together in the Community Outreach!

SPD Public Relations Event today; went to Scenic Heights and Clemson Ridge and handed out toys, popsicles, and junior police badges...Officers: Corey Collings, Capt. Casey Bowling, Inv Mike Teramano, Inv Amber Watts, and Lt Lisa William's.

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