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Current Bids



City of Seneca
221 East North First Street
Seneca, SC 29678


Seneca Light & Water is requesting quotes for Herbicide Services.
Project Scope shall include, but not limited to:

* Approximately 38.5 miles of sewer/water easements
* Easements are ±20-feet wide
* Selective herbicides applied to prevent/eliminate woody stem growth and some grasses
* Spray 0.89 acres on north bank at 630 Northampton Road

Must be a South Carolina licensed applicator

    o With capability to access and traverse off road areas
    o Start date is August 15, 2015

Quotes may be mailed; delivered to; or faxed:
Mail – Seneca Light & Water
P.O. Box 4773
Seneca, S.C. 29679-4773
Attention: Chris Brabham

Delivery - Seneca Light & Water
221 E. North First Street
Seneca, S.C. 29679-4773
Attention: Chris Brabham
Fax – 864.885-0357

Deadline for Quotes: 11:00 A.M. - Tuesday, May 12, 2015
Specific technical and purchasing questions relevant to this request may be directed to:
Chris Brabham at (864) 885-2706, or

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Seneca Light & Water is requesting quotes for Roofing Services. The Project structure is located at the intersection of SC Hwy. 183 (Pickens Highway) & S. Flagship Drive (Keowee Keys) Salem SC 29676; Map coordinates 34°48’40.2”N, 82°55’01.7W.

Project Scope includes, but not limited to:

* Inspect building for roof leakage
* Roof replacement
    o Install 26 gauge (minimum), commercial panel system
    o 16-inch standing seam metal panels
    o Color ‘forest green’ or equivalent
* Gutter system replacement - (color scheme white, beige, or tan)
* Other recommended misc. accessories needed for a water tight installation

Send all questions and quotes to:
Mail – Seneca Light & Water
Engineering Department
P.O. Box 4773
Seneca, S.C. 29679-4773
Attention: Scott McLane

Delivery - Seneca Light & Water
Engineering Department
221 E. North First Street
Seneca, S.C. 29679-4773
Attention: Scott McLane
Fax – 864.885.0357

Deadline for Quotes: 2:00 P.M. - Thursday, May 7, 2015
Direct specific questions to: Scott McLane at (864) 885-2753, or

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City of Seneca
221 East North First Street, Seneca, South Carolina 29678

The City of Seneca (herein, City) will receive sealed PROPOSALS from professional qualified experienced and licensed companies for roof repair to one (1) building of the Gignilliat Community Center. The repair shall include all labor, material, equipment, permit, license, and all other requirements by the company necessary to perform the work specified herein.

There has been visible interior evidence of rain infiltration of the ‘Oasis’ building located at 621 North Townville Street, Seneca, South Carolina 29678. (34°41’36.5”N 82°57’19.7”W)
Interested and qualified contractors may submit a proposal. The PROPOSAL shall include all costs for labor, materials, tools, permits, licenses, and equipment necessary for the completion of repairs to the facility.

The selected Responder shall include, but not limited to, the following repairs at the facility:
 Remove existing membrane down to the decking. The shingles shall remain in place with the exception of removing one-foot on either side of the roof to facilitate water flow from the roof.
 Replace any deteriorated decking (due to unknown quantities, the unit measure shall be in square feet).
 Install a one-half inch (½”) fanfold recovery board over decking. Note: If there are any dips in the existing decking; the fanfold may be used as build-up to make a continuous smooth surface over the top of the roof.
 Install a roof system over the one-half inch fanfold; and termination bars.

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Request for Qualifications

Professional Engineering Services

The City of Seneca, with this solicitation, invites interested and experienced engineering
firms licensed in the State of SC to submit current resume of qualifications related to the above-referenced project.

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Response due date and time: Responses are due no later than 11:00 am on October 7, 2014 at which time all packages will be opened and only the names of the Proposers shall be announced. Any qualifications received after the deadline will not be considered. Please allow sufficient delivery time to ensure timely receipt. The City is not responsible for proposals delayed by mail or delivery services. The outside of the package must be clearly marked with RFQ number and project title.

Selection process: The City will shortlist firms based on the information submitted and interviews may be conducted with the short listed firms. Items considered Confidential should be clearly marked on each part considered proprietary information.

Any interviews will be conducted by a Selection Committee comprised of City staff. The committee will rank the most qualified firm (firms) based upon the selection criteria. All responses are required to address the evaluation criteria in the order listed. The award of any contracts will be made to the firm that is deemed by the City as most capable of providing the best overall value and service.